Friday, December 25, 2015

Another Christmas Done

Another Christmas day has passed with just me and my little dog since I had to put my big dog to rest in heaven at Thanksgiving. 
I have become use to these solemn holidays over the past five years with just me mom and the dogs. Though I have learned to accept them as normal and deserving for my life, they do make mom sad even if she won't say it.
As cold as it sounds and I know it truly is outside my cold hardened heart, I wish and pray now as I do at this time every year that the vicious lying #Taryn #Smerecki St. Clair Shores wedding planner, #Kathy ex-wife and #Janet ex-love all have the worst most painful sad Christmas and coming year of there horrible selfish lives. I wish them all, especially #Taryn #Smerecki and her family the most sickness and sorrowed lives possible.
To everyone else have a blessed year.